Tools that Last 

Gifts for Gardeners 

  • Tough & Rugged

    Gardening is hard work. Our tools are designed to last.

  • Comfort Cork Handles

    Ergonomic design for a sturdy, comfortable grip.

  • High Carbon Steel

    Stronger and stay sharper
    longer than stainless steel blades

Tools for the serious gardener

Whether you're planting, pruning, sawing, or watering, OLMSTED FORGE has the tool for the task.

High Carbon Steel vs. Stainless Steel

High Carbon Steel blades are stronger and stay sharper longer. They will make your job a lot easier when you are cutting or pruning large branches. The rust resistance benefit of Stainless Steel comes at a price. Stainless Steel is a softer form of steel. It has less structural rigidity and won’t hold a sharp edge nearly as well as High Carbon Steel. However, High Carbon Steel blades can tarnish or stain if not properly taken care of. It is a good practice to wipe dry and clean with some mineral oil occasionally. They might not look as bright and shiny as Stainless Steel, but High Carbon Steel blades will definitely stay sharper longer and make cutting and pruning easier.

Our Vision

Frederick Law Olmsted is regarded as the founder of American landscape architecture. Olmsted designed Central Park in New York City and many others with a vision to preserve natural places for future generations. He designed parks that would withstand the test of time. Gardeners are a part of history and tradition like so many who have worked the soil in this country for centuries. At OLMSTED FORGE we are inspired by Olmsted’s vision for designs that last. We honor him with our commitment to manufacturing garden tools that last!

  • Testimonial

    The quality of this hose (and all Olmsted Forge products) is the best I've seen. All the fittings are brass so they are designed and built to last. And the wider hose means you get much greater water flow.

  • Testimonial

    Definitely suitable as a gift! Boxed and presentable when opened! They were put to use the day they were delivered. Comfortable to hold and use. The handle material makes them slip resistant. One of the many reasons I chose this set was for the rake, which is great for clearing under bushes. Highly recommend.