Seven Piece Watering Kit


Seven Piece Watering Kit

Two-Way Shutoff, Quick Release & Swivel, Adjustable Tip Nozzle, Nine Pattern Spray Nozzle, 2 Quick Release and Swivels

This water kit gives you everything you need to add a second hose to a spigot except the hose. The sturdy brass Two-Way Shut Off is extra-long and features a quality ball valve and rubber easy grip levers. The kit includes two sturdy metal body nozzles. One with adjustable tip for general purpose use and one with nine patterns of spray for all your specialty watering needs. There are two sets of quick release and swivels. The quick release makes removing any hose or nozzle convenient. The swivel is important when connecting the nozzle to a hose that doesn’t easily twist. This keeps the nozzle from unscrewing and leaking when connected to sturdy or stiff hoses or popular coiled hoses.

Seven Piece Watering Kit includes outer shipping box that protects the attractive gift box. Part Number WTK7000

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