Heavy-Duty Coiled Hose Kit


The 25’ Heavy-Duty coiled hose is ½” ID (Inner Diameter). 30% more flow rate then 3/8” ID coiled hoses. The extra thick wall adds strength and durability. There are strain reliefs on both sides of this tough and rugged hose to reduce kinking while adding a secure and comfortable grip. Usable length for this product is about 70% of its stated length.

The metal body nozzle with adjustable spray pattern is very strong and sturdy. The spray tip and integrated trigger mechanism is manufactured with all stainless steel and solid brass components providing for years of reliable service. The contoured comfort grip makes this nozzle easy to hold and use.

Included is a brass quick release and swivel for easy removal and storage of the nozzle. The swivel feature allows for a very smooth spray action. This sturdy coiled hose does not twist like a typical garden hose. Therefore the swivel action is fairly necessary in order for the nozzle to always stay in proper spray orientation and not inadvertently unscrew from the hose.

Heavy-Duty Coiled Hose Kit includes outer shipping box that protects the attractive gift box. Part Number OFH2501K

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